Volunteer Roles

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Athlete Services

  • Bag Check

    Check athletes bags in/out and monitor the bags during the races

  • Registration/Package Pickup

    Check athletes in and give them their packages, answer athlete questions

  • Package Stuffing

    Put together and stuff registration packages for all athletes participating in the World Championship races and community races. Scheduled for August 11 and 12, 2020

  • Beer Garden

    Serve drinks and monitor consumption areas (to ensure alcohol doesn’t leave designated areas)

  • Information Services

    Provide information to athletes and spectators on WTS Edmonton venue, races, history, etc., as well as information on what to see and do in Edmonton. Volunteer positions will be available in the Downtown Marketplace, Hawrelak Park and Alberta House (within the Alberta Art Gallery)

  • Food Services

    Help with food preparation/monitoring/resupplying in volunteer food area

  • Volunteer Services

    Provide assistance to volunteers in terms of checking in, finding their Team Captains, answering questions, etc.

  • Public Bike Parking

     Manage public bike parking compound in Hawrelak Park.


  • Course Marshals

    Positioned along the bike and run course, to be eyes on the course and to ensure no pedestrians or debris gets onto the course during the race

  • Access Control

    Positioned at a point within the venue to ensure only certain people have access to particular area or that people only pass through at certain times

  • Transition

    Help athletes manage their bikes (setup/retrieval) in the transition zone and give directions to athletes during their race

  • Timing

    Help with the back-up timing system – may involve calling or tracking athlete numbers or entering data into devices, as well as retrieving and sorting timing chips at the end of the race

  • Aid Station

    Offering water/sports drinks to athletes on the run portion of the race

  • Swim Area Assistants

    Ensure swim start/finish areas are tidy and that athletes know where to go

  • Lifeguards

    Positioned on a paddle board on Hawrelak Lake, to monitor safety of athletes during the swim portion of the race

  • Motorboat Drivers

    Need Small Craft Motorboat License. Drive the motor boats on the swim course, carrying technical officials, water safety team, and camera team.

  • Motorcycle Support

    Drive your own motorcycle to carry a course official or camera person

  • Doping Control

    Chaperone an athlete through the doping control process

Special Events

  • Hospitality

    Working out of our preferred hotel partners and the Edmonton International Airport, this position welcomes athletes to Edmonton and provides information on getting around, what to do in Edmonton and any specific information around the Grand Final and accompanying activities.

  • Parade of Nations

    Supporting the set up and execution of the Parade of Nations which showcases participants from around the world.

  • Opening Ceremonies & Athletes Dinner

     Supporting set up and execution of the Opening Ceremonies and Athletes Dinner to kick off the World Triathlon Championships Grand Final.

  • Closing Ceremonies & Awards Gala

     Supporting the set up and execution of the Closing Ceremonies and Awards Gala

  • Merchandise Tent

    Assist official merchandise partner in the Merchandise Tent including point of sale and restocking. Volunteer positions will be available in the Downtown Marketplace and Hawrelak Park.

  • Volunteer Photographers

     Capture various moments throughout the Grand Final week, both in Hawrelak Park and at downtown venues.

  • Kids Zone

    Supervise and monitor kid zone activities in Hawrelak Park.