Sponsor Feature - Edmonton International Airport

Edmonton International Airport has been a partner with ITU since 2011, and that sponsorship level increased in 2014. The decision to become a larger part of this world-class event made perfect sense. EIA works hard to serve, strengthen and support its community, reflecting its aspirations for growth, success and quality of life. Through their Community Investment Program, EIA is able to connect with and promote community groups, organizations and events through in-terminal art displays, the live music program and sponsorship. All of these items help to strengthen the region and also support EIA’s goals and overall role as a significant economic driver. 2014 was a big year for the long-standing partnership with ITU WTS Edmonton. Having the Grand Final in Edmonton meant coordinating thousands of people, bags and bikes at the airport to make sure they all got where they needed to go. One of EIA's favourite parts of this sponsorship is the opportunity for their employees to participate in the corporate triathlon. Those who participated last year loved it! About the experience, our employee Rob says: “Participating in the 2015 ITU, a world class event, was a thrill! It got me hooked on competing in triathlons. Coming across the finish line in the grand-stand area was so much fun.”