Sheila Findlay - Competition

1. How did you become involved with WTS Edmonton?

I was on the sidelines of triathlon watching my daughter race. I have a good understanding of two of the three elements of triathlon having competed in swimming and running. I was between jobs and in anticipation of hosting the 2014 Grand Final, Sheila O'Kelly asked me to join her team!

2. What is your role with WTS Edmonton?

Competition Manager

3.  What does your role involve?

Creating the race routes. Managing the routes through City of Edmonton meetings. Leading the  volunteer competition team.

4. What is  your favourite part of the job?

I get to meet some really great people. 

5. Have you/ do you participate in triathlon events?

I have participated in a few triathlons. My first in 1980. My best at World Championships in Budapest 2010 where I won bronze in my age group.

6. What is your sport of choice?


7.  What tips can you offer to athletes on “maximizing their experience” at WTS Edmonton?

Gather as much information about the event as you can, and gather it as early as you can.  Ask questions if there are gaps in the information available on line. Provide feedback to the team so we can make the event better each year. Spread the word to as many of your friends as possible so they can come cheer for you and then watch  the elite races with you. 

8. What are you looking forward to in 2018 and beyond?

I think athletes appreciate opportunities to try something different, a new challenge. We have some new race ideas I am looking forward to test out in  2018.

9.  Tell us a little something about yourself:

I'm married to Max who is a neurosurgeon and we have three wonderful adult children who still keep me entertained and on my toes. We have an airedale, Charlie, who is missing his brother who recently passed away. I recently joined a trombone choir to revisit my musical side! I grew up rowing and am still competitive. Rowing is the best sport.