On January 17, 2019, Simon Whitfield, former Olympic Gold & Silver Medalist in triathlon took to the mic at World Triathlon Series Edmonton athlete appreciation night to share his dream for the sport of triathlon. This was not only a big night for him but for athletes everywhere. His dream did not revolve around championships and gold medals but rather a sense of accomplishment and pride crossing the finishing line as a team creating memories along the way, he called it TriathlonTogether.

TriathlonTogether allows athletes from all walks of life, children included, to join together as a team at the start line and keep this energy through to the finish with no pressure for time and placing. This style of race encourages accessible and inclusive participation in the sport of triathlon and demonstrates triathlon is for everyone. 

The goal is to have participants join as an individual or squad and cohesively tackle the course. Whether swimming, biking or running your team will be by your side the entire way. Until recently triathlon has been formulated about an individual’s accomplishments where TriathlonTogether encourages team participation. All formats, distances, and courses are encouraged to embrace the TriathlonTogether concept with timing at their own discretion. The goal remains the same, is to embrace the experience and enjoy your time on the course with friends and family.



Race as individual or squad

No timing so no pressure. Go at your own pace!

Do it for your own goals or

Start with friends and cross the finish line together

Have fun!