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 The International Triathlon Union is proud to present the World Triathlon Official Store. The store represents a window on triathlon for age group athletes to elites alike. Here you will find products that will advance an athlete’s performance and comfort whether they be swimming, cycling or running. In addition we are delighted to present a "Be Seen" kids range and the beginnings of what we hope will become a portal for para-triathletes to access items they require.

Canadian Blood Services is a not-for-profit, charitable organization operating at arm's length from government. Its sole mission is to manage the blood supply for Canadians. Created in 1998, it is the successor to the Canadian Red Cross Blood Program and the Canadian Blood Agency (the former funding arm of Canada's blood supply system).

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Have you heard of VOXX HPT (Human Performance Technology)?  Did you know that HPT reduces pain, increases strength and endurance, increases stability and balance as well as enhances range of motion and provides for faster reaction times?  Drop by the VOXX booth, check out our socks and insoles and our newly-released neurotech patch, and we’ll balance test you on our technology…and feel the difference for yourself!

Triathlon Alberta fosters the innovation and development of programs, services and resources for the triathlon community in Alberta.  Our vision is to be valued and recognized as a national leader of excellence in the sport of triathlon.Triathlon is a very inclusive sport, open to everyone.  There are programs, coaches and training to fit every lifestyle and every fitness level.  If you haven’t tried this amazing sport yet, visit the website at to find how you too can become a Super-Human! To every athlete competing, elite or age grouper, and to every volunteer giving of their time and talents, this weekend, from all of us at Triathlon Alberta, we wish you the very best.  Race hard and have fun!





Royal Treats is a  family-owned and operated ice cream company which participates in over 100 special events and festivals a year. They have been supplying special treats for our volunteers for more than 15 years!
Mike (the owner) loves rocky road ice cream as he feels it symbolizes his life...dark chocolate - dark moments/ marshmallow swirl - a continuous stream of sweetness and light and walnuts- road blocks thrown in along the way! Be sure to visit Royal Treats when you arrive. 



 Divine Crepes features delicious crepes made fresh before your very eyes, filled with delightful ingredients and served by super friendly staff. The fillings are fresh and delicious: Nutella, homemade whip cream, fresh bananas and strawberries We also serve a variety of smoothies, wraps and savory crepes for Breakfast, lunch and dinner. You spread the love and they’ll spread the Nutella. This is Good Mood Food that will keep you coming back for more.


The Lemon Heaven food truck aims to quench one need - the thirst for Lemon Heaven Freshly Squeezed Lemonade! You may have seen their iconic yellow lemon shaped booth at majority of the summer events in Edmonton. New this year is their truck still offering our great tasting lemonade but now with nine flavors to make it your own! What better way to take a break from the heat with an ice cold Lemon Heaven Freshly Squeezed Lemonade!

Apply to become an exhibitor, please send us an email at or call us at 587.759.0415