What do I wear



Acceptable attire

  • Wetsuit - Highly reccommended as water temperature is not confirmed until morning of race day. Wetsuits are mandatory when water/air tempertaure index is below 16 degrees.
  • 1 piece swimming suit / swimming trunks & shirt (tight fitting)
  • Tri Suit (1 piece or 2 piece**)
  • Tri Shorts/Bike Shorts

Trisuits are the best option competing in triathlon but  for those new to the sport it isn't necessary to purchase one. Wear a swimsuit under a wetsuit for the swim portion of the event. Once in transition, throw on a pair on cycle shorts or triathlon shorts and a shirt to complete the bike. Triathlon shorts are good to run in but cycle shorts will have too much padding. For shorter events, no padding is needed and regular shorts will suffice. It is important to know that at no time is your torso to be exposed.

Age groupers do not need a specific uniform. The ITU uniform rules apply to Grand Final Events...But check out our online store to purchase our limited edition Canada 150 apparel!!

**No torso/midriff should be visible