Race Day Tips for Triathletes

You’ve registered for World Triathlon Edmonton and you’ve been training all spring. You might be thinking  - What have I got myself into?  We’re here to help! Stay calm and read on for what to expect and practice leading up to the event.

What to do when you arrive at Hawrelak

  • Go to Athlete Village down by swim area - contains Athlete Service Tent & Bag Check Tent.
  • Pick up race package in athlete service tent - includes race tattoos, stickers & swim cap.
  • On race day morning arrive 90 minutes before your start time and check in bike & transition gear. (Bike & helmet stickers must be attached befor entering tranistion area).
  • You can leave/store the rest of your belongings in the bag check tent before your race and collect them there after.


Race Start

  • Be at Athlete Village at least 20 minutes before your race starts.
  • You will pick up your timing chip there.
  • The start marshall will call you by your heat number & escort you to the swim start. (Heats will be posted online 3 days before event).



  • Lube up – use pam spray to help ease into your wetsuit and to prevent chaffing
  • Unzip your wetsuit as you go to transition
  • Wear trisuit/swimsuit under wetsuit
  • Swim until fingers touch the sand rather than standing up trying to run through water. This takes less energy!
  • Don't panic if you hit other athletes. Stay calm and even stop to catch your breath.
  • It’s normal to feel dizzy getting out of water. Take time to orient yourself.


  • Leave bike in an easy gear for a smooth start.
  • Put gel packs in your suit or taped to your bike frame.
  • Helmet must be clasped before you can touch your bike.
  • Mount and dismount your bicycle at the designated spots.
  • Drink fluids on the bike to stay hydrated for the run.


  • Lace-less runners can save lots of time in transition.
  • Fight the burn – your legs may feel like lead as your start the run. This subsides after about 1 km.
  • Know the course  - spectators/ marshalls may think you’re finished, but you might have another lap to go!


  • Apply race sticker to bike and helmet.
  • Lay out gear in order of use in transition.
  • Remember where you left your bike – familiarize yourself during transition set up. NO location markers are allowed in transition.
  • Keep a water bottle in transition.



  • Results will be posted in the Athlete Village Area, outside the finish line area, on Zone4 website and our website.


What to do when you are finished

  • Take time to recover - stretch & drink water.
  • Pick up your belongings in the bag check tent.
  • Race tattoo/bib must be shown to take out bike from transition area.
  • Relax & have a celebratory beer in our beer garden and enjoy watching the Elites race!